Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Roleplaying in ROMA

The sim of ROMA was designed to be an immersive experience, and many visitors (though certainly not all) are interested in roleplaying as if they were a Citizen of ancient Rome. at this is possible.

Citizens are encouraged to create a character based on an ancient Roman model. This could be a wealthy Roman matron, a foreign merchant, a politically ambitious senator, the secret son of Julius Caesar, a gladiator, a centurion, a priestess of the mysterious goddess Hecate,... anything they desire.

There are also two official sub-groups of the Citizen roleplay group that regularly hold events in ROMA. The first is the ROMA Collegia of Priests, who mainly organzie and operate the monthly festivals in ROMA. The second is the ROMA Senate who hold regular debates in the ROMA Curia.

ROMA also has several active groups associated with the Roman military. These include legionaries, cavalry soldiers, sailors, Praetorians, gladiators, and even Amazons.